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CACH Tokens Tokenomics is a subset of Cache DEFI Projects white paper. Our Token Tokenomics has 3 areas of focus.


Our goal is to create an environment to decentralize crowdfunding and venture capital. Cache Tokens (CACH) to be used in transactions & provide liquidity mining options. Create stock bearing tokens for companies to enable them to raise funds privately, crowd fund or IPO’s.

Tokenomics Paper

CACH Token Roles, Purpose & Features

  • 01 Role

    -CACH Token is a payment token.
    - CACH Token will have a reserve fund.
    - CACH Token will have options for staking and pools to support yield farming / liquidity mining.

  • -Growth of reserve fund to ensure appreciation
    -Token holders can benefit from staking or joining pools
    -Frictionless transactions
    -Built on the Binance Platform
    -Community of practice
    -Governance and transparency. Reserve fund audited and transparent to holders. No debentures or lending, therefore meeting religious needs of potential holders
    -Market creation for stock bearing tokens

  • -On liquidiation, each released token has fair value and any tokens not released will be burned. Reserve fund is managed as a pool and no funds are deposited into a token holders name.
    -Token has consumer protection built into the token ecosystem.
    -Token reserve fund transparency
    - Long term distribution for growth over 80 years and opportunities for liquidity mining and yield farming.


Cache DEFI Governance

Please watch our video to learn more.

CACH Tokens

CACH token will generate earning opportunities for token holders that provide liquidity, yield farm or participate in liquidity mining. Sustainable growth for token holders.

1. Token Distribution

Tokens will be released in blocks each year. It will also allow increased growth of the token reserve. Token releases will continue for 80 years after initial release.

2. Cache DEFI Token Development

Cache DEFI Token is fully developed.

Reserve Fund

A portion of the sale amount of all tokens released will be placed in a reserve fund. Reserve fund transfer ownership with token ownership and no reserve fund is deposited in a token holders name. In the event the reserve is required to be liquidated each released token has an equal share of the reserve. Any unreleased tokens will be burned.


Yeild Farming / Liquidity mining will provide APY up to 9K*, depending on participation and size of the prize pool.

Cache DEFI

Cache DEFI will be launching January 15, 2022.

Cache Defi

Opportunities will be available January 15, 2022.

Token Release January 15, 2022

$0.000042per Token

  • Limited Supply
  • Reserve Fund
  • Locked Liquidity
  • Air Dropped Rewards
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Cohort 01

$TBDper Token

  • Limited token supply
  • up to 20% earning paid in Cache Tokens
  • Percent of Cohort 01 portfolio ownership
  • AirDropped ROI
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