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About Us

DEFI ecosystem for token holders and startups.

  • Flexible earning options for your Tokens.
  • Multiple Cohorts for startups
  • Cohort participation with staking rewards and airdrop ROI

Cache DEFI token is an ecosystem to generate earning opportunities for token holders and provide liquidity for startups. Cache DEFI Project will decentralize venture capital with blockchain crowdfunding and offer opportunities for CACH token holders.

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Cache DEFI Inc. Blockchain Crowd Funding

CACH Token will be the utility, Cache DEFI Inc. will create earning opportunities for token holders and decentralize venture capital with blockchain crowdfunding.

  • 01 Role of the CACH Token

    The Cache DEFI Token can function independently of Cache DEFI Inc. The CACH Token has the functionality of ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens and can interact with other decentralized finance (DeFI) projects, wallets, exchanges and emerging technology. Every CACH token holder will have choice as to how to use their tokens and may participate in Cache DEFI Inc. offerings.

  • Cache DEFI Inc. will maintain Token supply, maintain code, offer bug hunting bounties, and file legal documents for the Cache DEFI Token. Once the initial release is completed and token release schedule is generated Cache DEFI Inc. will work towards a community of practice to govern the Cache DEFI Token. This relationship may be short term if a functioning community can be created to manage future development and foster the emerging ecosystem. Token supply, and token reserve assets will be maintained by Cache DEFI Inc. until a system can be put in place to safeguard token holders, meet regulatory requirements and changing legal requirements.

  • The defined roles are to separate the CACH Token from Cache DEFI Inc. and not to limit the decentralized opportunity of the CACH Token. There will be specific regulatory requirements that the CACH Token will need to be navigated. In the short term Cache DEFI Inc. will complete these activities and will work towards creating a community of practice that may take on these responsibilities in the future.


Cache DEFI Project

Progress of the Cache DEFI project

White Paper 100%
Cach Token Development 100%
Crowd Funding Blockchain & Cohort setup 60%
Earning Opportunity Development 80%

CACH Token

Cache DEFI token is an ecosystem to generate earning opportunities for token holders and provide opportunities for startups.

1. White Paper

White paper will be released early November 2021. Additional documentation about release schedule and other opportunities will be released early December 2021.

2. Cache DEFI Token Development

The CACH Token has been created and no additional development is required at this time.

Crowd Funding Blockchain & Cohort setup

Currently the Crowdfunding code is being tested and will be available for release fall 2021; current code releases can be found on our GitHub page. The first cohort will be scheduled after the completion of the initial token scheduled release.

Earning Opportunities Development

Cache DEFI Project will work with other DeFi providers and exchanges to offer earning opportunities for CACH Token holders. Earning opportunities will not be limited to Cache DEFI Project opportunities due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency.

CACH Token

CACH Token will be launching January 15, 2022.


Our Executive team and Advisory Board

Shane Calder


Ian Burns

Advisory Board

Brad Bedard

Advisory Board

Neil Saxon

Advisory Board

Roman Sorocan

Advisory Board

Dawn Fiander-McCann

Advisory Board

Cache Defi

Opportunities will be available January 15, 2022.

Token Release January 15, 2022

$0.000042per Token

  • Limited Supply
  • Reserve Fund
  • Locked Liquidity
  • Air Dropped Rewards
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Cohort 01

$TBDper Token

  • Limited token supply
  • up to 20% earning paid in Cache Tokens
  • Percent of Cohort 01 portfolio ownership
  • AirDropped ROI
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